3-D Digital Scanner

The Precise LT (Compact Digitizer Light) brings true 3-D scanning right into the retail environment. Discover the higher level needs of your customer with our innovative 3-D digital scanner.


Foot Casting System

The Precise FC (Foot Casting System) is an easy to use, foam casting system, that can happen in-store, or be taken home for that DIY spirit that lives in all of us.



Precise LT

3-D Digital Scanner

Discover the higher level needs of your customer with our innovative 3-D digital scanner. In just seconds you can scan, assess and order, a 3 business day, quick turn, factory direct insole for a fraction of the cost of traditional orthotics. The Precise LT creates an interactive customer environment that allows you to truly discover, and then satisfy their every need.


  • Lightweight contact digitizer creates a 3-D digital casting of the plantar undersurface providing the data needed for a custom fit.
  • Interactive customer experience that identifies proper solutions for foot needs.
  • Vertically aligned retail set-up minimizes space, while maximizing impressions and sales!

Precise FC

Foot Casting System

It’s easier than one, two, three…One, carefully step into foam. Two, send foam impression to us. Three, our quick turn capabilities will return your Precise Custom Insoles in as little as 7 – 10 business days. Imagine, a single SKU providing a multitude of selling options. To improve store traffic, and have multiple opportunities for add-on sales, we suggest having all our Precise Custom Insoles sent directly back to your store location for customer pick-up.


  • Easy to use step in foam creates a foot map in just seconds!
  • Step-by-step illustrated directions remove customer’s guesswork.
  • Foam cast is scanned, digitized and the data utilized to create a Precise Custom Insole.

Bring Custom Insoles to your Customers!