We know custom. We know feet.

Our History

Our parent company has specialized in the casting, and fabrication, of prescriptive orthotics on behalf of medical professionals in the foot care industry for over 40 years. As the first company to successfully pair digital technology with creating custom orthotics, our experience in the industry is second to none. During those 40 years, millions of custom medical orthotics have been individually fabricated to allow thousands of medical professionals treat their patients. We are grounded in, and focused on, foot comfort and have developed the manufacturing know-how to deliver uncompromised solutions from the ground up. The know-how to meld technology, data bank insights, and manufacturing prowess means we have created the ideal solution for retailers to offer true custom products.

Things You Should Know About Precise Insoles


40 years focusing on foot comfort!


Foot data from over 2 million people and the trust of thousands of medical professionals all over the world!


Delivering uncompromised, individual solutions!